The connection between stomach problems and heart problems

I was researching a very difficult case that recent come in to start nutrition work.  In the process I was diving in my enzyme nutrition books and searching out any clues or info to help with this case.  I was reading about chronic pain patterns, the soleus muscle, and connections to the heart.  So here is a little breakdown of the connection that I found between the soleus, stomach, and the heart.

Most people that have stomach problems tend to use either tums or a proton pump inhibitor, PPI.  PPI’s just shut down stomach acid.  The idea that we produce to much stomach acid is ridiculous because there is hormonal regulation to shut off acid production when it reaches the pH of about 3 in the stomach.  Anyway, most people use these medications to alleviate the symptoms of acid reflux or an upset tummy.  Yes, tummy is a scientific word.  What most people don’t realize is research has demonstrated that most people are actually deficient in stomach acid.  It is the bile from the gall bladder that is splashing into the stomach and up.  I wish I had the reference for you here, but I don’t at the moment.

I know you are thinking, “I get how the stomach works, what does that have to do with the heart?”  Ok, I’m getting there.  The stomach needs to be acidic.  The reason it does is that acidity actually helps the bile to flow out of the gall bladder better.  Do you know what gets pushed out the bile?  Yep, I knew you were smart.  Cholesterol!  This goes right into fat digestion.  Because without proper bile flow you cannot digest fat properly.  If you can’t digest fat properly cholesterol has to go somewhere!

Ok, so what I am saying is this.  People who take a PPI for their tummy’s actually make the problem worse.  PPI’s shut down stomach acid.  This shuts down bile flow.  Fat digestion goes out the window.  People who don’t digest fat eat to much sugar.  (That is a another blog)  Which cravings start.  Sugar consumption makes the problem worse because the kidneys have to filter all the sugar out and it exhausts alkaline minerals.  Ok, we are not going into that today.  The kidneys are working harder which increases the load on the heart because water follows sugar and sugar is all over the blood!  Now the kidneys are working to hard, the heart has an increased load, chocolate never looked so good, my spare tire has grown into a tire for an 18 wheeler, and all I want to do is sleep!  Ahhhhh.

This whole cycle begins with fat digestion.  If you improve fat digestion it will allow the gall bladder to function correctly and help to drop cholesterol.  Also, the craving for sugar will disappear.  The stress on the kidneys will be reduced.  Alkaline minerals can be restored with proper supplementation.

Here is the ever complex connection.  I will try to simplify again in another blog post!


About Dr. Mike Patten

I am a Chiropractor with a specialty in Internal Health. I practice in Litchfield, MN. I love to help people reach their inborn potential of health through the removal of stress placed on the body.
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2 Responses to The connection between stomach problems and heart problems

  1. Sean McIntyre says:

    I’m very interested in seeking an attorney to help me with the failed heath care I’v been receiving!!!! Life is so hard for me at times, and with no one on my side I feel very alone in this…. As time goes on my condition will only get worse as this type of thing has an accumulative effect on the heart and with no help my family & I will eventually end up suffering more! My daughter Tristen has had to see me go away in an ambulance over 30 times in the last year alone. From my home, the fair, the beach, even church! I’v been to countless E.R.’s and had random tests done with no clear cut answers… There’s something called Roemheld syndrome, the symptoms match my case exactly.. It’s the gastric cardiac connection, it involves the vegan nerve and eventually causes something called cardiac bridge… You can find the most accurate information on this subject at My miss diagnosis has had so much emphasis & focus on the heart that they didn’t take the time to accurately find the cause of the over all body shutting down “crashing” Cardiac arrest !! There wasn’t even an M.R.I. done to rule out all potential causes for the heart issues, to make sure before using drugs that had the potential to do irreversible damage to the heart as well as implanting an A.I.C.D.. I never gave consent to implant this device and was never given the opportunity to make the choice. I was awake and coherent before the implant took place! I would have chose to have an M.R.I. with the knowledge of my passed history of the digestive issues I think could have given a more clear cut treatment plan that didn’t involve long term drug use.. It is a known fact that I suffered from I.B.S. Or an Ulcer for about 17 years, another mystery diagnosis that involved years of suffering that was treated with drugs that didn’t fix the problem but caused more potential harm! I was told that there was no cure for the I.B.S. and I suffered for countless years taking trial medications that kept me sick and coming back every few months to the Dr.’s office… In October of 2009 with a steady course of powerful antibiotics I’v never had another problem with my stomach!!!! I lived suffering believing a lei that was told to me by a Dr. I trusted for years, now I’m living through another very similar experience taking drugs that have only made me worse only this time I could die from it. My suffering is sometimes unbearable but for my family to have to live it, is just wrong & unacceptable…. To think people are suffering & dying wile Dr.s and drug companies profiting from it, and everyone is unaware of it I would have to say I’v found a true propose for my suffering!!!
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    4 attachments — Download all attachments View all images Share all images

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